Team Velocity was established in 2015 aiming to become a community clan for passionate gamers and establish themselves as a leading Casting Company within the local E-Sports scene.

Team Velocity was started by three passionate gamers for passionate gamers. They were Bradley "Warlord" Mahlknecht, Vinny "VikaZ0R" Fortini & Michael "EpicMaxed" Adkin, who all share the same vision for E-Sports in South Africa.


To become one of the region's leading gaming organizations for both the casual and competitive scene by leveraging our gaming brand and relationships with partners in the growing South African gaming scene. 


To make the Team Velocity brand synonymous with realizing the tremendous potential offered by the emerging South African gaming markets through; a continuous focus on excellence, our commitment to the promotion of eSports and our continued investment within local eSports.

Timeline of Team Velocity

2015/10/10:  Team Velocity was established